Are you talking to Mum

When childhood dreams and memories reemerge through our favorite dishes from our childhood.


Cooking Show

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Childhood memories. The first movie one has ever seen. The first smell, thought, touch emotion. How are all these connected through food? Natalia Dragoumi invites different guest and on each episode they discuss childhood memories over a childhood favorite meal. Through a meal they talk about early year recollections, adulthood choices, family and careers. Is it safe to say that over a well-cooked meal one can share details about life they wouldn’t do otherwise?

cast & crew

Director: Kostas Varelides, Panagiotis Alexopoulos

Screenplay: Demetris Apostolou

Production: Demetris Papandreou, Demetris Evaggelopoulos

Composition: Nikos Mylonas