The first silent movie in Greek cinema



Year of production



One of the greatest actors that ever lived, Charlie Chaplin, resurrect in the big screen and brings back the inherent spirit and radiance of Charlie Chaplin. Charlie is a romantic wanderer, who likes to dream and move. Suddenly, while reading a newspaper, he discovered a message directed just to him. He needs to go through 5 stages in order to find a treasure. When he accepts the challenge his life is meant to change forever.

cast & crew

Thanasis Tsaltampasis, Giorgos Kopsidas, Stelios Iakovide, Agorasti Arvaniti, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Spiros Pappas, Marianna Tountasaki, Nikos Filimegkas, Foivos Papakostas, Giorgos Lamprianos, Vicky Kyriakopoulou

Directed: Thanasis Tsaltampasis

Written by: Thanasis Tsaltampasis, Maria Kitra

Director of Photography: Evgenios Dionysopoulos

Music: Gavriil Gavriilides, Hrisa Tsaltampasi, Vasilis Gkoritsas

Μετά την επιτυχία του “Πέμπτη και 12”, ο Θανάσης Τσαλταμπάσης επιστρέφει στην μεγάλη οθόνη με ένα ακόμη “one-man show”

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