Waiting for Nona

A comedy for real friends



Year of production



A movie about Friendship, “Perimenontas tin Nona” tells a story about two lifelong, destitute friends traveling to Naxos in order to become rich. On their journey to Naxos, they meet Phaedra, a young, beautiful girl from Germany travelling to Greece for the first time to discover the island. Along with Alex, Phaedra, Heracles and Agisilaos encounter unexpected scenarios, wild situations and ultimately become spectators of a life-changing secret about to recover. Is it possible four totally different and quirky people to become friends with each other over a summer? Can they survive a life-altering truth about their past?

cast & crew

Thanasis Tsaltampasis, Giorgos Kopsidas, Stelios Iakovide, Agorasti Arvaniti, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Spiros Pappas, Marianna Tountasaki, Nikos Filimegkas, Foivos Papakostas, Giorgos Lamprianos, Vicky Kyriakopoulou

Directed: Thanasis Tsaltampasis

Written by: Thanasis Tsaltampasis, Maria Kitra

Director of Photography: Evgenios Dionysopoulos

Music: Gavriil Gavriilides, Hrisa Tsaltampasi, Vasilis Gkoritsas

"Περιμένοντας την Νονά" είναι μια έντιμη ταινία, μια αυθεντική κωμωδία που θα σε διασκεδάσει και θα σε ψυχαγωγήσει


Ο Νίκος Ζαπατίνας επιστρέφει με μια αισιόδοξη κωμωδία για φίλους κάθε ηλικίας. Mια αληθινά κωμική ιστορία για την φιλία, τα εμπόδια που σε βοηθά να ξεπεράσεις και την απροσδόκητη πορεία της ζωής