Flavours in nature

Flavors and color from around the world meet greek traditional foods and create something unique


Cooking Show

Year of production



After traveling the world and tasting different flavors and recipes, Vaggelis Driskas returns to Greece and incorporates different ingredients from around the Globe in greek traditional food we all grew up with. Through “Gevsis sti fisi” the greek audience has the opportunity to become familiar with ingredients from the Oriental’s, Asian’s and Latin America’s cousine and discover different ways those cuisines can be infused in the greek traditional recipes we all grew up with. Simultaneously, Vaggelis Driskas create recipes with fresh organic produce from Greek nature

cast & crew

Presenter-Recipe Creator: Vaggelis Driskas

Director: Andreas Efstathiou

Director of Photography: Giorgos Anaktorides

Set Designer: Vasilis Anastasiou

Production: RedLine Productions