Green Kitchen by Madame Ginger

The first ever “Green” cooking show in greek tv


Cooking Show

Year of production



One of the most famous chef-blogger and YouTuber Marilou Pantaki – aka Madame Ginger – brings something new to the Greek tv-audience. In the “Green Kitchen by Madame Ginger”, our beloved childhood foods become the new and improved healthy comfort food to nourish our body and the environment. Through delicious and creative recipes, Madame Ginger showcases how mousakas with wholegrain bechamel sauces and “eggplant-meat” sauce, artichoke cake and vegan hot dogs must and should have a prominent place in our everyday diet. Simultaneously, through the green tips segment we learn how we can use green tips in our everyday life.

cast & crew

Presenter – Recipe Creator: Madame Ginger (Marilou Pantaki)

Director: Aris Lichnaras

Director of Photography: Giorgos Papadopoulos

Set Designer: Mairy Tsagkari

Executive Production: RedLine Productions