KitcheN’ Health

The enhancement of the immune system through food, nature’s presents and taste


Cooking Show

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KitcheN Health invites us to cook in a more healthy and delicious way in order to enhance our immune system and heal from the inside. In each episode, Maria Ekmetzioglou cooks two delicious and healthy recipes with fresh ingredients and produce from her garden along with organic greek products. Moreover, she discusses with nutritionists and doctors who explain the right way to use different ingredients in a recipe and the health benefit of various ingredients. They also give answers to questions about nutrition that many people are struggling with.

cast & crew

Presenter – Recipe Creator: Maria Ekmetzioglou

Director: Aris Lichnaras

Director of Photography: Giannis Anaktorides

Set Designer: Anestina Argyropoulou

Executive Production: RedLine Productions